Old Music

I found my old iPod earlier this week, and it’s been a few years since I’ve listened to the contents… maybe even longer to find a charger for it. I used to listen to this song LOL.



Baby Bear

Mike Choi just forwarded me this email about brucey. Oh, how I miss him…


Ohhhh that’s so cute. Yes I will gladly spam you with doggie footage/photos. Bruce Willis Coulter (all bark & no bite like the actor) is very happy puppy and he has really come into his own lately. He likes to cuddle and rest his head on Mike (sometimes upside down) as he plays video games…Mike that is. Sheds A.L.O.T. like a hair factory. He likes his ear rubbed and he gives soft kisses on command. He also loves to eat anything and everything. He went through a rock eating phase that sent him to ER but he “passed it” so no surgery. And his most favorite thing to do is carry logs & branches & twigs around yard and rip-up/gnaw/eat them. He devotes 90% of his outdoor time to woodworking. I will strum up some visuals. Also last 4th of July he jumped over our fence to “greet” the neighbors poodle. They did not appreciate that & we got a 8 foot fence which has done the trick. He is very loyal and sits/sleeps at our feet or stretched out on the couch. We call him baby bear a lot for obvious reasons. And he continues to really like high pitched baby talk when you are addressing him.